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When you are visiting this site you are probably looking for something. Or maybe you're here because you are missing something. Either way, I don’t know what you are looking for or what’s missing yet. I won’t know until you tell me of course. However what I can tell you, is something about myself and my working methods. 

My name is Jeroen van Velthuisen and design is my passion. Helping businesses building an identity and manage growth through the use of my creative talents. I visualize ideas, images and information. By doing so I translate their story into tangible and clear concepts, inspiring information carriers and activating means of communication.

Share your passion with me. What business are you in and who and where is your target audience? What are your goals? Do you already have a strategy? Is there a design basis in place? Or perhaps your current image no longer matches your vision of the future? Let's get in touch and talk, no strings attached.

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vvcreative in short

Experience: Jeroen has been active in advertising / marketing since 1995 as a designer / art director. And since 2002 as an entrepreneur.

Media design: for example advertisements; banners; books; brochures; flyers; leaflets; Cards; magazines; posters; stickers; covers; displays; stands; presentations; e-books; e-magazines; webads; websites...

Illustrations: vector graphics; line art; compositions; icons; infographics...

Images: retouch; correct; conversion; compositions...

Advice: strategy; feasibility; practicability; third party suppliers…

Network: VVCreative likes to bring clients, but also suppliers into contact with each other if desirable.